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Why Athletes Make Great Entrepreneurs claims CEO of Boom Media Global, Inc.

Why Athletes Make Great Entrepreneurs claims CEO of Boom Media Global, Inc.

Newly launched, Boom Media Global, Inc. is scanning the talent pool to acquire the best individuals to work at their firm and CEO Edwin Jacques is looking for athletes who want to make the transition from sport into business.

While someone from a sports background might not seem like the most natural fit for a sales and marketing firm, Mr. Jacques believes that athletes have numerous attributes that can enable a seamless transition into the business world.

One/ Mental Toughness

Sports breeds mental toughness and teaches people how to still perform at peak levels while under extreme pressure. That mental toughness is what can help athletes to become outstanding entrepreneurs that can keep functioning when the going gets tough.

Two/ Team Work

Many athletes will be a part of a team and will learn how to work with and complement their team’s strengths and weaknesses. Being a team player is vital to business success, and most athletes are ready-made team players.

Three/ Work Ethic

While some are fortunate to possess natural born talent, without hard work, talent means nothing argues Boom Media Global, Inc. Athletes put in the work every day at training to hone their skills, and that same work ethic needs to be applied to succeed in business. The most successful athletes and entrepreneurs both possess an unshakable work ethic.

Four/ Perseverance

Just like in sport, business is full of setbacks and knockdowns. To succeed in both fields, it’s imperative that individuals don’t let obstacles hold them back from achieving their goals and reaching their full potential. Perseverance is one of the cornerstones of business success and athletes have it in abundance.

Five/ Competitive Spirit

Athletes are competitive by nature, and that competitive spirit is something that can help them to succeed in business. At Boom Media Global, Inc. they believe that a competitive spirit is vital to business success and they work to cultivate a competitive environment. “Competition brings out the best in people and keeps them working to the best of their abilities.” Commented Mr. Jacques.

At Boom Media Global, Inc. they recognize that effective talent acquisition is integral to business success and CEO Edwin Jacques believes that attracting athletes to work at his firm will give them the edge over their competitors.

Boom Media Global, Inc. is a young, fresh and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing firm based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Their aim is to help the wide variety of companies they work with to increase their brand awareness and company base. The firm understands that talent acquisition is integral to business success and they are committed to acquiring athletes to help take their business forward.