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Edwin Jacques

Of Haitian descent, I was born in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I graduated from FIU with degrees in Criminal Justice & Accounting. After graduation, my goal was to go into the DEA, FBI or CIA to deal with white-collar crimes such as money laundering, check fraud and embezzlement. However, after a brief stint with working with the government, redacting and reviewing hundreds of pages of documents to see where things didn’t make sense financially for companies; I realized this was not something I was passionate about, and it wasn’t the field I wanted to be in.

I then had a complete career change when I began working at Enterprise Rental and joined their management training program. I was excited by the philosophy they promoted which was that everything you achieve is on your own merit; you get what you want as long as you put in the work. I did! I became assistant manager there in 6 months and Branch manager in 11 months, unfortunately, that’s when politics entered the arena, which was a complete contradiction to the reason I was initially attracted to the business, so I left!

From there, I applied for a job with a direct marketing company, and that’s when my life changed. The person I am now is not the one who originally started this business. Unlike Enterprise Rental, progression was based entirely on individual merit, there were no office politics, and my career was in my hands. I started on October 25th 2015 and with the help of the incredible business coaches and mentors I met, I completed the firm’s management training program on February 4th 2017, Incorporated my business in August that year and this year, on March 26th, I opened my own company, BOOM Media Global.

The thing I love about this industry and being a business owner is that now I get to get rich with my friends. I get to offer the opportunity to people who don’t know this exists; to people who normally don’t get a chance; to people who are shunned away just because they are different. In this business we love that, we embrace that. We are different. The people we attract are different, and everyone has the same chance to succeed regardless of education or experience. I am incredibly excited to build the BOOM brand and expand my business to different states and countries.