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If my business wanted to use BOOM Media Global, Inc. how could they help me?

We would provide you with the professional and upbeat face and personality to meet and greet with your current and potential customers making sure ALL of them leave with a positive smile regardless of outcome.

What is the company motto?

Breath Of Originality to the Masses – We take an established system, industry, or business and put our unique spice to it. Observe the majority and do the exact opposite.

What do BOOM Media Global, Inc. do?

BOOM Media Global is Miami’s premier marketing, sales and advertisement company. Due to our diligence and excellent results we have established ourselves where Fortune 50, 100 and Fortune 500 companies hire BOOM Media Global to provide them with first class brand exposure, brand awareness in aid to help facilitate them with customer acquisitions. Our highly motivated face-to-face sales team and brand ambassadors are experts at providing profitable and successful results to our vast range of clients. Most importantly? We provide rapid growth in to new markets which allows us to grow and our clients to grow!

Which industries/companies do BOOM Global Inc work with?

We have no limitations to what industry, company or sector we work with. Our client portfolio currently is in the Telecommunications industry and we will be expanding into the not-for-profit and charitable organizations within 3rd quarter this year.

Are there set career paths?

All of our managers started out at “Entry Level” as Account Executives before progressing through the leadership phase of our business as Corporate Trainers and followed a performance measured based objective criteria that took them to where they are today. Everybody is at the stage of their development based on the work and effort they have put in. You get exactly what you put in. We don’t believe in seniority, just equality!

How long does it take to become a manager?

On average people advance to management roles within 5-10 months. What it takes is an extraordinary work ethic, a humble student mentality, a great ethical approach and care of others goals, along with the most important trait of all – a first class great attitude. All these traits combined allows any individual to advance more rapidly.

About The Industry

What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is a marketing practice that personally engages with customers. This practice is adopted by businesses of all sizes. A successful direct marketing campaign delivers a high return on investment as it can immediately show how many potential customers responded to a clear call-to-action. Direct marketing enables businesses to easily prove the amount of impact a campaign has had on consumers, more so than other marketing methods.

I’m considering working in sales and marketing what skills do I need?

If you have a great work ethic, fantastic student mentality and a great desire to succeed – the sales and marketing industry could be for you! Think you possess the skills and attributes needed? Contact us: apply@BOOMMediaGlobal.com to learn more about our career opportunities.