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Edwin Jacques of Boom Media Global comments on the Importance of Urgency

Edwin Jacques of Boom Media Global comments on the Importance of Urgency

CEO at Boom Media Global, Inc., Edwin Jacques considers urgency to be one of the critical components of success and the business owner has made it the theme of the week at the direct sales and marketing firm.

Mr. Jacques is a rookie business owner with huge goals for his company. The young entrepreneur recognizes that instilling a sense of urgency into the firm’s staff is pivotal to driving results and achieving growth goals.

The business owner has revealed how he instills a sense of urgency at Boom Media Global, Inc.

  1. Be the Example

To get others to act with urgency it’s pivotal to be the example. Mr. Jacques demonstrates his urgency every day during the firm’s meetings and his interactions with staff. The entrepreneur understands that he is the role model for everyone in the company and that he must lead the way.

  1. Time Management

Mr. Jacques meticulously plans out his day. He urges his staff to plot out every hour of their day, taking into account every detail, including breaks to eat and use the restroom. “It might seem stupid, but if you know exactly what you should be doing every minute of every hour you’ll maximize your time, and your productivity will improve.” Commented Mr. Jacques.

  1. Inspire Action

Boom Media Global, Inc. CEO, Edwin Jacques works to inspire the firm’s staff into action by getting to know their personal and professional goals. The business owner sets specific targets for each individual and offers incentives that will motivate and inspire. Mr. Jacques makes the firm’s staff feel empowered, not stressed, to buy into the need for urgency.

  1. Competition

Competition can compel people to act. It’s all about winning; everything you do should be focusing on hitting goals and achieving success. “We have a very competitive environment. We work with a lot of people who come from a sporting background and that competitive mentality has transferred into business really successfully.” Stated Mr. Jacques.

  1. Beware of Complacency

Complacency is one of the main obstacles of urgency. When things are going good, people can become comfortable and lose their sense of urgency. Mr. Jacques consistently inspires his staff to think outside the box and keep pushing the boundaries. “In the highly competitive direct marketing industry, it’s vital that we don’t become complacent. We have to keep going at 100% and work with a sense of urgency every day,” commented Mr. Jacques.

“Don’t put off till tomorrow. If you want to make things happen, do it now!” commented Mr. Jacques, CEO at Boom Media Global, Inc.