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Boom Media Global Reveal the Link Between Success in Sport and Business

Boom Media Global Reveal the Link Between Success in Sport and Business

As a young firm looking to recruit ambitious and talented individuals to their talent pool, the direct sales and marketing specialists have revealed they are looking to attract individuals with a sports background, and they have shown the link between success in sport and business.

With many CEOs formerly playing sports, evidence suggests that success on the field can lead to success in the boardroom. Former Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb was the captain of the Stanford soccer team. Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman played varsity squash and lacrosse at Princeton. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg was a high school fencing star. The proof that a sports background leads to business success was confirmed by an Ernst & Yong survey which found that 96% of women in C-suite roles played sports.

CEO at Boom Media Global, Inc. Edwin Jacques believes that a sports background sets someone up for business success. The entrepreneur has revealed the vital skills learned from playing sports that can be transferred to the business world.

  1. Persistence

To excel in any endeavour takes persistence. There will be setbacks and ups and downs but what matters is staying focused to achieve goals. To become a successful athlete it takes hours of practice, day in and day out. Practice makes perfect, and that philosophy is true for business success as well. “Too often, people become complacent, they stop doing the basics and practising success habits, with a background in sports, people have that persistent instilled,” commented Mr Jacques.

  1. Teamwork

Success in business, like sports, requires teamwork. Mr Jacques argues that to succeed in business, people need to surround themselves with people who they respect and trust and who can support them to achieve their goals. Mark Zuckerberg once said, “No one does it alone. When you look at most big things that get done in the world, they’re not done by one person, so you’re going to need to build a team.”

  1. Leadership

Playing sports is a great way to learn how to lead. If someone is an influential leader on the field, they can be a great leader in business. “Successful teams in business and sports alike, are built on foundations of solid leadership,” commented Mr Jacques. Leadership is one of the key attributes they look for when it comes to talent acquisition.

Boom Media Global, Inc. is a young, fresh and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing firm based in West Palm Beach, Florida. The outsourced sales and marketing specialists are currently in a recruitment drive, and CEO Edwin Jacques is hoping to attract those with a sporting background to the firm.

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