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Boom Media Global, Inc. Urge Companies to Build a Diverse Workforce

Boom Media Global, Inc. Urge Companies to Build a Diverse Workforce

Florida’s freshest and fastest growing direct sales and marketing firm, Boom Media Global, Inc. contends that diversity in the workplace breeds success and the firm is urging companies to focus on building a diverse workforce.

CEO at Boom Media Global, Inc. Edwin Jacques is passionate about searching the talent pool to assemble a diverse workforce, as he firmly believes that diversity is one of the cornerstones of success. When it comes to recruitment, Boom Media Global, Inc. don’t pre-judge on education or experience; they only look for three attributes; work ethic, student mentality and a positive attitude.

1) Different talents & skillsets

Boom Media Global, Inc. argues that Individuals from diverse backgrounds bring different abilities and skillsets to the table that can be hugely beneficial to an organization and the work they do.  Mr Jacques contends that hiring people with a variety of skills and experiences allows employees to learn from each other, which in turn helps to take the business forward.

2) Innovation

Boom Media Global, Inc. believes that change is what distinguishes the average from the extraordinary. As a young firm with big goals, Mr Jacques recognizes that innovation will be critical to the success of Boom Media Global, Inc., and the business owner argues that a diverse workforce will create innovation. The direct sales and marketing specialists understand that working alongside people of different backgrounds and will develop a culture of innovation.

3) Improves talent pool

“Our people are our business,” commented Mr Jacques. The rookie business owner believes that it is important to acquire a diverse workforce and he argues that a company that embraces diversity will attract a broader range of candidate. At Boom Media Global, Inc. they are committed to creating an equal opportunity culture, where people are judged solely on individual merit. Mr Jacques believes the firm’s commitment to diversity and fairness helps them to attract and retain top talent.

4) Improved performance

Boom Media Global, Inc. contends that a diverse working environment instils a sense of inclusiveness which helps contractors to feel more comfortable and happy and that in turn boosts morale and productivity.

Commenting on the firm’s approach to recruitment, Mr Jacques also mentioned the importance of focussing on quality over quantity.  “At Boom Media Global we have the mindset one great person can change the whole culture of an industry. We like to view recruitment as looking for the next Bill Gates. Fortunately success is not determined by someone’s educational background or resume.” The Boom Media Global CEO revealed the three questions he asks during the firm’s recruitment process.

1) Does this individual have a student mentality and are they coachable?

2) Are they competitive?

3) Is this individual organized? Organized in their thoughts, time management, finances and more.

At Boom Media Global Inc. they look to attract people from a variety of backgrounds including sports and catering/hospitality. While they may not seem like the ideal fit for a direct sales and marketing firm, CEO Edwin Jacques believes that people from these fields have a lot to offer and will help the firm establish a diverse workforce.


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