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Boom Media Global Inc. Travel to Jacksonville for Eagerly Anticipated Industry Event

Boom Media Global Inc. Travel to Jacksonville for Eagerly Anticipated Industry Event

This past weekend, Florida-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, Boom Media Global, Inc. travelled to Jacksonville for an eagerly anticipated industry event, attended by hundreds of sales and marketing professionals from all over the Southeast.

With weeks of build up, CEO Edwin Jacques was excited to be among like-minded individuals, with the chance to hear from some phenomenal individuals within the US direct sales and marketing industry. Held at the Lexington Hotel & Conference Center, on Sunday, June 3rd, the event brought together sales and marketing professionals at all levels of the industry.

The introductory session commenced at 12 p.m. with attendees gathering in the Windward & Starboard Suites. The day kicked off in exciting fashion with an awards ceremony. There were multiple recipients of the first award; Southeast Brand Ambassador – which was given to individuals to recognize their consistent quality and quantity performance. The next three awards had one winner. The categories were; Southeast Comeback Business Owner, Southeast Century Club and Southeast Top Sales.

After the excitement of the awards ceremony, delegates were divided into four categories to attend a tailor-made seminar. Group one was rookies; group two was leaders with under three team members, group three was leaders with over three team members, and group four was Administrators. Each group were addressed by keynote speakers who are at the top of their game. The purpose of the seminar was to provide delegates with specific information to help them learn, grow and develop.

After the individual seminars, the day’s agenda finished with a second awards ceremony with four award categories. Multiple individuals received the Southeast Rising Star award, in recognition of their business development and showing great promise. Boom Media Global’s own, Jane Li, was among the recipients. There were then individual winners of the Southeast Most Improved Business Owner, Southeast Rookie Business Owner and Southeast Owner of the Year.

After the formalities were over, attendees had the chance to attend a drinks reception where they had the opportunity to socialise and forge new business connections.

Speaking after the event, CEO at Boom Media Global, Inc., Edwin Jacques stated:  “It was a very motivating and inspiring experience. Getting to see some of my peers picking up awards was amazing and having some of the top figures in the industry sharing their knowledge and experience was invaluable.”

Boom Media Global, Inc. is a young, fresh and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing firm based in West Palm Beach, Florida. They aim to help the wide variety of companies they work with to increase their brand awareness and company base. The firm frequently attends industry conferences and seminars, and they believe they are integral to their continued success.