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Boom Media Global, Inc. promote the benefits of a sales career

Boom Media Global, Inc. promote the benefits of a sales career

With the New Year traditionally a time where people consider their futures and think about a career change, outsourced sales and marketing specialists, Boom Media Global, Inc. are promoting the benefits of a sales career.

Before entering the sales and marketing industry, CEO at Boom Media Global, Inc. Edwin Jacques was tired with the lack of progression opportunities and felt like he was overlooked for development based on his age. After entering the sales and marketing field, Mr Jacques was excited and motivated by the unparalleled progression opportunities available to him, and he believes that a career in sales offers many advantages.

The West Palm Beach-based company has outlined the four main advantages of a career in sales.

  1. Networking

Passionate business coach and mentor, Edwin Jacques believes that the networking opportunities in the sales industry are unparalleled. At Boom Media Global, Inc., they regularly promote the importance of networking and urge their workforce to seek out and capitalize on every networking opportunity. The firm’s workforce is frequently exposed to a global network of industry professionals via quarterly conferences and seminars.

‘Working in the sales industry provides the opportunity to encounter people from different walks of life and offers tremendous potential to build a diverse network,’ commented Mr Jacques. The rookie business owner argues that meeting new people and acquiring a diverse and robust network is critical to business success.

  1. Professional growth

Every day in sales brings fresh challenges; including interactions with different people, fluctuations in the economy and technological advances impacting on strategy. Since Mr Jacques entered the industry, he has been on a course of continuous professional growth. At Boom Media Global, Inc. they offer a unique development program, and CEO Edwin Jacques has created a culture of development, assisting people to learn, grow and develop. The firm has become an incubator for ambitious individuals excited about the prospect of taking their career to the next level.

  1. Earning Potential

A sales career offers the benefit of unlimited earning potential. Some of the most high profile personal development professionals, such as Tony Robbins continually state that sales is the world’s highest paid profession. At Boom Media Global, Inc. they have implemented an uncapped commission based pay structure, putting people in control of their earnings.

  1. Transferable skills

Sales is one of the most sought-after talents in the world. Mr Jacques firmly believes that a career in sales enables people to acquire a wide variety of skills that are transferable into many other businesses.

Many professions can pigeonhole people, whereas, in the world of sales, it opens the door to many other opportunities. Sales teach many valuable life, and career skills including communication, negotiation and leadership, all of which are invaluable.

Boom Media Global, Inc. is a young, fresh and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing firm based in West Palm Beach, Florida. The firm’s aim is to help their wide variety of clients to increase their brand awareness and customer base. Together with their strong work ethic and dedicated workforce, they help their clients maximize their marketing budgets.

If you are considering a career change, apply to Boom Media Global, Inc. by sending your resume to apply@boommediaglobal.com