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Boom Media Global, Inc. Focus on Quality Paying Off

Boom Media Global, Inc. Focus on Quality Paying Off

Direct sales and marketing specialists, Boom Media Global, Inc., are committed to delivering both quality and quantity based-results for their clients, and the firm’s focus on quality is paying off after being named the number 2 marketing agency in the US, based on quality.

Boom Media Global, Inc. currently represents one of the leading telecoms firms in the country. CEO Edwin Jacques is committed to delivering both quality and quantity based results for clients. The rookie business owner has implemented stringent training, and the firm has high customer service standards. Recent client reports revealed that Boom Media Global, Inc. was the number two direct marketing and sales agency in the country for the telecoms giant, based on installation rates.

“Seeing the figures and percentages were proof of the quality of work we are delivering, and I was delighted to see we are performing so highly. The next goal is number one.” Commented Edwin Jacques, CEO.

Boom Media Global, Inc. CEO, Edwin Jacques has incredibly high standards, and he expects those same high standards from the professionals at the firm. The company ensures that their brand ambassadors undergo extensive company, client and ‘on the job’ training to allow them to represent their client’s with complete confidence, professionalism and transparency. The firm is committed to ongoing education to assist their development, aiding and nurturing them to become key players.

Regardless of experience, every new start undergoes full training, so they are fully aware of the companies strict codes of conduct and strategies to ensure consistency. In-house and on-site product training along with guidance, support, networking contacts, mentors and more is provided.

“In a hugely competitive market, we want to be known for our high standards and quality results, “ commented Mr Jacques.

Boom Media Global, Inc. is a young, fresh and fast growing sales and marketing firm based in West Palm Beach. They combine their insight and expertise to deliver long-term results that drive performance and guarantee a return on investment. As a young firm with big goals, Mr Jacques contends that focusing on quality will enable Boom Media Global, Inc. to stand out in a crowded market and establish themselves as a market leader.