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Boom Media Global, Inc. commitment to development pays off with Leadership Promotions

Boom Media Global, Inc. commitment to development pays off with Leadership Promotions

West Palm Beach-based Boom Media Global, Inc. is passionate about development, helping their staff and contractors to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. The young firm promoted two of their rising stars recently, seeing them move into a leadership role.

Both individuals come from different backgrounds, highlighting the diversity at Boom Media Global, Inc. something which CEO Edwin Jacques believes helps the rookie firm to stand out in a hugely competitive market. Chanalai has shown incredible grit and passion, and the future looks bright for the female entrepreneur. Scott Hagen, a West Palm Beach local is ambitious and dedicated to becoming a business owner and has applied everything he’s been taught.

CEO at Boom Media Global Inc., Edwin Jacques believes the firm’s attendance at the Southeast Regional Rally in Jacksonville had a huge impact and was the catalyst for the recent promotions.  On Sunday, June 3rd, the outsourced sales and marketing firm travelled to Jacksonville to attend the highly anticipated event. Part seminar and awards ceremony, it was an incredibly motivating and inspiring day. Boom Media Global, Inc.’s own Jane Li was among the award winners, walking away with one of the coveted Rising Star awards, in recognition of her incredible commitment to development and showing great promise.

Mr Jacques believes that the awards ceremony had a tremendous impact on the staff and contractors at Boom Media Global, Inc. putting fire in their bellies and seeing them accelerate their career progression.

Boom Media Global, Inc. is first and foremost a direct sales and marketing company; however, they are also committed to development, offering their staff and contractors unparalleled development opportunities via their internal business development program. CEO Edwin Jacques is a passionate business coach and mentor, and the rookie business owner is committed to helping their firm’s staff, and contractors achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

“One of the greatest satisfactions of being a business owner is being able to offer people the same opportunity that I was once afforded. I love seeing people learn, grow and develop. It’s incredible to see people transform from someone with little or no industry or business experience when they first join our team and watch them flourish under the guidance and mentoring we offer.” Commented Mr Jacques.

The two recent leadership promotions have instilled a real sense of urgency among the other staff and contractors. “Often for people, they have to see it to believe it. Now that they have the examples of Chanalai and Scott, I’m confident there will be a wave of promotions in coming weeks,” Stated Mr Jacques.

Boom Media Global, Inc. is a young, fresh and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing firm based in West Palm Beach, Florida. They aim to help the wide variety of companies they work with to increase their brand awareness and company base. The firm is committed to improving their staff and contractors, helping them to learn, grow and develop to progress their business career, simultaneously causing growth at the firm.